We have delivered for example sawing, marking and gnawing products for construction industry. We have clients in wood, metal and concrete industry among many others.

KCS 710 Sawing robot for cutting hollow-core slab

This sawing robot cuts the hollow-core slabs in all needed angles.


  • KUKA robot KR 240-2
  • hydraulic motor
  • water input

Capacity: slab thickness 200–500 mm, cutting velocity 1 m per minute


KCS 720 Hollow-core slabs marking robot

This trolley robot moves independent on his track in order to mark the openings on the slabs. The robot gets his information wire-free from a factory system that contains the planning systems of the concrete elements. If necessary, the robot marks also the sides of the slab. This robot can be used also for marking sawing and client information. Battery driven.


  • KUKA robot KR5 SIXX WP (water proof)
  • battery
  • inkjet printer
  • control panel

Battery runtime: 12 h


KCS 730 Milling robot

This milling robot functions with wood, stone and plastic. Milling can be made directly on base of the 3D planning information of the product.


  • KUKA robot KR 240
  • milling tool
  • Camrob-software