Cost-effective solutions for production improvement.

KINE's systems are designed and built based on the customer's needs. We deliver the systems as complete solutions from design to deployment.

In addition to robots, a system may consist of grippers, conveyors, tools, machines and sensor systems, all which can be used for handling different types of objects. Automatic functions are typically controlled by either a PLC or a robot controller. User interface can be for example a touchscreen-based panel PC or a tablet.

Design of a system begins with definition of goals and factors of production. System functions are written into system description, then simulated using a three-dimensional model, and in the end fitted into the surroundings.

The system will be assembled and tested at KINE, after which the customer gives it approval by verifying that the system works as intended. Finally, the system will be moved to the customer's facilities in such way that the possible pause in production is kept minimal.